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Whatever issues may arise in the Yahoo email account each issue could be solved easily by using the account key. It boosts the security by sending a prompt to your mobile number linked to your account instead of using a password for accessing the account. Whenever you desire to login using the password then you can simply disable the account key from the settings and you will be allowed to access the account using the password. If you need help for resolving any such issue, then call in Yahoo helpline number our team is always there to provide you the required suggestions.

What to do when there is problem in receiving the account key?

In case you have difficulty receiving the account then before seeking the help of Yahoo customer service team you must ensure that you have enabled the notifications in the yahoo mail app as well in your mobile device. If you find that notification was not enabled, then you have to first of all turn it on and then request for another notification by clicking on ‘Resend’ on the Yahoo page. This will help you to generate a new notification. If you still can’t get the account key, then that means that you are still suffering from Yahoo login problem. Here are steps for getting the access of your account:

  • Firstly, you have to visit the Yahoo sign in page. In this page at the space provided you have to enter your email address and click on ‘Next’.
  • After that you find two options, you have to choose the option of ‘use text or email to sign in’ where you find that there are some missing digits of your phone number. If you have difficulty in this step avail the help of Yahoo customer care
  • You have to enter the missing digits and the click on ‘submit’. If you have the access of the mobile number that you entered then you have to click on ‘Yes, text me an account key’.
  • In case you don’t have access of that phone number then you can contact in Yahoo helpline number for proceeding with the steps.

As soon as you receive the account key you will have to enter it and you can access your account. If you don’t have access of that mobile number, then you can complete the verification process by using the email address. In that scenario you will receive the verification code in the email address, you will have to confirm that and then you can continue to access your account. In between if you face any problem then you have to call in Yahoo helpline number and avail expert opinion.

When account key feature is useful?

This feature of yahoo email plays significant role for those who maintain multiple accounts and hence have tendency to forgot Yahoo password. When someone hacks your account, and changes the password of your account then you can’t access your account until it is recovered, but if login using account key feature then despite the fact that you are suffering from Yahoo hacked account and the hacker had changed the password you can access the account. Hence, it could be said this feature has proved to be boon in case the account has been compromised.

Even if you are able to login and access your account easily due to account key feature you should never take the issue of hacked account lightly. You must immediately reset the password following the steps of Yahoo password reset. If you have difficulty following the steps or resetting the password, then you can always take help from our expert team by calling them through the Yahoo toll free number. The toll-free number enables you to contact the team members free of cost.


There are certain possibilities when you need to recover the password of your account. Sometimes you may find that you have forgotten it, or the hacker has changed it, or you got confused between different passwords. Whatever the cause may you have to follow the steps of Yahoo password recovery one by one for completing the process of recovery. The steps are very simple to follow yet if you have any difficulty in understanding any step or following any particular step then you must consult the team members by dialing Yahoo helpline number for finding the resolution.