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Today, email address has become integral part of our life. Most of the people seek email address along with name and number for contacting. As it is becoming vital for our life in the same way it is important that you choose the best email service provider like Yahoo. It has its own search engine and Yahoo mail serves people across the world with its best services. Suddenly, if you find that you are unable to sign in your mail account that implies that you can’t access your account anymore. There are many reasons responsible for yahoo login problem. These problems could be broadly divided into few categories:

  1. User id problem
  2. Password related problems
  3. Hacked account problem
  4. Device related problems

The issues that arises due to user id and password are numerous. It is very common that people may forget their user ids or passwords and hence have Yahoo login problem. Here we will discuss all the problems in detail with their relevant solutions. But in case you find that you can’t sign in even after following these steps then you must take help of Yahoo customer service team. They will provide you proper suggestions.

Solution for issue of User Id

When you find that you can’t remember the username of your yahoo account as you are accessing it after a long period of time or you got confused among the usernames of your multiple accounts then you suffer from Yahoo login problem. You can recover the user id after yahoo send you a link to refresh your account. This link will be sent to your alternative email address or mobile number that has been linked to your account. If you don’t have such details linked to your account, then contact Yahoo customer care team for getting proper solution.

 Solution for issue of Password

When you are accessing your account after a long period of time then there is a possibility that you forgot Yahoo password. Once you fail to input correct password you can’t access your account. The issue of password also arises when you maintain different account and get confused between the passwords of all the accounts. The only way to solve this problem is going for the steps of Yahoo password recovery. By this process you will get back your password and can again access your account successfully.

Solution for Hacked account

If you have a bit doubt that there is some suspicious activity in your account that must be considered as indication of Yahoo hacked account. In that situation the first step that must be taken is resetting the password of the account. You can also increase the settings of your account from Yahoo account’s setting section. You can receive the steps of Yahoo password reset in the secondary email address or mobile number linked to your account. If you find these steps difficult to understand then you must take help of our technical support team.

Different device related problems and solutions

  • Browser settings: When you have deleted the browser history, or you have cleared the browser caches and cookies then sometimes your browser may not recognize your yahoo email credits hence you have to face Yahoo login problem. In case of such a problem you have to once again try to login, if you fail again, then take help from experts by calling in Yahoo toll free number.
  • Account locked: Keeping in mind the security of your account if you try multiple times to login in your account and all the attempts fail then your account will be locked temporarily. This security lock is lifted automatically after 12 hours but if want to regain access again then you must call us in Yahoo helpline number and take help of our team.
  • Internet connection: Internet connection plays a vital role in the process of login in your account. If it is found that you are not having proper internet connection, then you will have problem in loading the login page hence you would face Yahoo login problem. You must take help of internet service provider in that case.


The problems mentioned here are very common reasons of Yahoo login problem. If you face any of these problems, you must go through the steps mentioned as solutions and if you find any difficulty in following these solutions then consult our support team. They will guide you through the steps and you can again access your account happily.